01. The Quantavolutionary Scan

 Part One: Historical Disturbances

02. The Burning of Troy
03. The Founding of Rome
04. Micah’s Ark
05. The Catastrophic Finale of the Middle Bronze Age
06. Updating Schaeffer’s Destruction Inventory
07. Nine Spheres of Venusian Effects
08. The Obliteration of Human Signs
09. Ancient Astronauts

 Part Two: Geological Issues

10. Indians of Illinois
11. Ice Cores of Greenland
12. A Failed Excursion to the Caves of Aquitaine
13. The Latecoming Olduvai Gorge
14. Athens Quakes

 Part Three: Working of the Mind

15. Comptinology and Tohu-bohu
16. Sandal-straps and Semiology
17. Making Moonshine with Hard Science
18. Holy Dreamtime in Wonguri Land
19. The ‘Unconscious’ as a Literary Revolt Against Science
20. O.K. Origins
21. Jupiter’s Bands and Saturn’s Rings

 Part Four: Polemics and Personages

22. Marx, Engels, and Darwin
23. Religion and Education
24. The Outlook of Scientists
25. ‘Scientific’ Reporting
26. Eulogies to Three Quantavolutionaries

 Part Five: Communicating a Scientific Model

27. A Cosmic Debate
28. Syllabi for Quantavolution
29. I.Q.: A University Program
30. Past, Present, and Future