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Papers presented at the University of Lethbridge

May 9 and 10, 1974

Edited by: E.R. MILTON

Notes on the printed version of the book

Cover -

Painting was made prior to the publication of Worlds in Collision, the work of a 30 year old Canadian male who utilized painting and drawing as an aspect of his therapy for neurosis. The artist shows the earth, identified by the lines of latitude and longitude in a rather unusual view. Seen from outer space, it appears to be flooded since the normal land masses are missing or submerged and the patient stands on an island reaching upwards, perhaps in distress. Above the earth is what appears to be a mass of land with mountains, river, perhaps a continent hovering in the air, To the left is an oddly shaped spherical mass, the moon, or perhaps a meteorite. The patient described that large continental mass above as a sheet of ice.

Courtesy of Professor John McGregor—

The responsibility for producing the volume of papers presented at the symposium: Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia, May 9 and 10, 1974, was delegated to an editorial committee consisting of the following members of the Faculty of the University of Lethbridge:

Earl R. Milton Chairman, Department of Physics and Chairman of the Committee
Paul D. Lewis Department of Biological Science
Laurie R. Ricou Chairman, Department of English
Ian Q. Whishaw Department of Psychology

Copyright 1978 The University of Lethbridge

All rights reserved excepting the Right of the Individual Authors to reproduce in any form their contributions to this volume.

Afterword, Address to the Chancellor’s Dinner, Address to the Convocation Dinner are Copyright 1978 by Immanuel Velikovsky. Permission to reproduce granted by the Velikovsky Estate.


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